Un día me enviarás videos tuyos haciendo lo que te ordene.

tal vez masturbándote ... moviéndote sin dejarte correrte ... o golpeándote con una regla o cualquier otra cosa desviada que se me ocurra ...

Mientras tanto, su obediencia y sus encantadores mensajes son suficientes.

Sin embargo, si estuvieras pensando en darme un regalo para complacerme,

entonces tengo un enlace de PayPal me o una lista de deseos de Amazon.

PayPal / yo


Aunque adoro a todos mis sumisos, nunca olvidaré a nadie que

hace un esfuerzo adicional para hacerme feliz.

Te daría el mejor regalo de todos: una lista completa de todo lo que

estás fallando, con algunas notas sobre cómo necesitas

mejorar cada área.

Señorita Fluo.

videos porno personalizados


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Financially contributing is the most practical way to please, especially in an online setting. Is it the only way? No, but it is undoubtedly the most pragmatic one, if you are truly devoted to the cause of selflessly enriching my life.

You don’t have to be a financial submissive to send. In fact, I don’t even identify as a financial dominatrix — at least not exclusively — and I believe it’s more impactful when a submissive sacrifices something valuable purely for the purpose of bringing me joy, instead of chasing the high that comes with ruining oneself financially. The latter fulfills a kink; the former is a display of surrender, and appreciation for my time, care, and labor to make your pleasure possible.



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Viewing or sharing my work for free is theft, but hundreds do it daily. There is no such thing as “free porn,” so if you’re a decent person with disposable income, start paying for it.


My creativity and labor will be compensated.

If you find someone using my content please do report it to me, I will be very grateful. 

Combating theft of the content I pour my heart and soul into is a valuable act of servitude.